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Private Mobile Camping Safaris

We offer 3 different levels of camping / glamping for your safari. - the rates depend on how many people, how many days and the distance travelling.

How many people can we have in our party?

A minimum of four people are accommodated in utmost comfort and style, while experiencing the excitement of camping in the wild. If you are less than four people, please contact us for updated rates.

Can we choose where to go on our safari?

We can take you to all the best destinations that Botswana has to offer. This country is home to an incredibly diverse environment hosting a wide variety of Africa’s biggest and smallest fauna and flora. Itineraries include budget, comfort or luxury camping in Moremi Game Reserve, Central Kalahari, Makgadikgadi Pans, Nxai Pan, and Chobe National Park. Pre-prepared camps are located in private sites well off the beaten track.

Will we need to help put up tents?

All camp duties are taken care of by the friendly camp staff, which leaves you very little responsibility, and that is to relax and enjoy!

Will I be able to use my phone?

Moving in remote wilderness areas, these camping safaris offer a true digital detox experience, trading real-life encounters for screen time. Of course every safari includes access to emergency communication, but we wager you won’t miss the Internet! Electricity in camp is available through an inverter that can be used for charging cameras and phones.

What if we would like a night in a lodge?

Itineraries can be customized to include both mobile camping and lodge experiences.

Below are the 3 different levels.


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Budget Level Safaris

  • Comfortable 3m x 3m tent with a bedroll (with linen), table and lantern.

  • Shared separate shower and toilet will be set up unless we book to stay in the public sites in the parks where these facilities are provided.

  • Three simple but delicious meals a day

  • 3lts of drinking water per person per day, fruit juice for breakfast.


En-Suite Dome level

  • 3m x 3m tent with a comfortable bedroll (with linen) on stretchers. Bedside table with lantern.

  • Open air ensuite bathroom with bush ablutions and shower.

  • Breakfast, brunch, lunch, light afternoon snack and 2 course dinner.

  • 3lts of drinking water per person per day, fruit juice at breakfast and wine at dinner. We provide a cooler and ice for any extra drinks you wish to take.

Luxury Level Safaris

  • 3.5m x 3.5m classic Safari style Meru tent with comfortable beds and quality cotton linen. A covered verandah at the front of your tent with chairs and table.

  • An attached enclosure at the back of each tent with own shower and toilet. Towel supplied.

  • All meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) included. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, light afternoon snack and 3 course dinner.

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Perfect for Families

Children thrive in nature. There is nothing like an Botswana camping safari experience to give kids an experience with their family that they will remember forever. We offer amazing safaris tailored for families with kids.


Watching a dung beetle roll its prize home, seeing a newborn impala take its first wobbly steps, and observing a giant Golden Orb spider painstakingly creating its web: these bring nature’s lessons home in a way not possible in any other way.

Our operators understand a child’s delight in seeing the animal characters they have met through picture books and films come to life before their eyes, and knows how to make their experience both thrilling, and safe and secure.


As active parents themselves, our operators know how to fill the day with equal parts fresh air, food and play, and to make sure these lead to a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.

On a Botswana family safari, we offer the Family tent that sleeps up to five people, the kiddies on stretcher beds and parents on comfy beds. In this case a separate dome tent will be set up, right next to main family tent, for luggage space or a ‘dressing room’. This also will have an en-suite bathroom, offering larger families shared shower/toilet space.

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