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Private Mobile Camping Safaris

We offer 3 different levels of camping / glamping for your safari. - the rates depend on how many people, how many days and the distance travelling.

How many people can we have in our party?

A minimum of four and a maximum of 12 people are accommodated in utmost comfort and style, while experiencing the excitement of camping in the wild.

Can we choose where to go on our safari?

We can take you to all the best destinations that Botswana has to offer. This country is home to an incredibly diverse environment hosting a wide variety of Africa’s biggest and smallest fauna and flora. Itineraries include budget, comfort or luxury camping in Moremi Game Reserve, Central Kalahari, Makgadikgadi Pans, Nxai Pan, and Chobe National Park. Pre-prepared camps are located in private sites well off the beaten track.

Will we need to help put up tents?

All camp duties are taken care of by the friendly camp staff, which leaves you very little responsibility, and that is to relax and enjoy!

Will I be able to use my phone?

Moving in remote wilderness areas, these camping safaris offer a true digital detox experience, trading real-life encounters for screen time. Of course every safari includes access to emergency communication, but we wager you won’t miss the Internet! Electricity in camp is available through an inverter that can be used for charging cameras and phones.

What if we would like a night in a lodge?

Itineraries can be customized to include both mobile camping and lodge experiences.

Below are the 3 different levels.


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Budget Level Safaris

  • Comfortable dome tents with stretchers, bedside table and solar lamp.

  • Attachment with an ensuite bush toilet and bucket shower.

  • Three simple but delicious meals a day with a glass of wine or beer for evening sundowners.

  • Drinks are limited.

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Glamping level Safaris

  • 3x4m Spacious Meru-style walled tents, with bedside tables, clothing shelves, solar lamps, canvas shaded verandah with chairs.

  • Open air ensuite bathroom with bush ablutions and shower.

  • Aromatic soaps and lotions included

  • Three meals a day with snacks.

  • Drinks are included (selected spirits, beers, wine, water, gin & tonic).

  • Camp common area set up for relaxation.

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Luxury Level Safaris

  • 3x4m Meru-style tents, with feather duvet, floor carpeting, clothing shelves, bedside tables, solar lamps and verandah with chairs. 

  • Ensuite bathrooms with all amenities.

  • Fully stocked bar, dining tent and separate lounge area with mini library.

  • All meals and drinks included. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are prepared daily in the camp kitchen tent, located separately to guest areas.

  • Charging facility for cameras/phones.

Perfect for Families

Children thrive in nature. There is nothing like an Botswana camping safari experience to give kids an experience with their family that they will remember forever. We offer amazing safaris tailored for families with kids.


Watching a dung beetle roll its prize home, seeing a newborn impala take its first wobbly steps, and observing a giant Golden Orb spider painstakingly creating its web: these bring nature’s lessons home in a way not possible in any other way.

Our operators understand a child’s delight in seeing the animal characters they have met through picture books and films come to life before their eyes, and knows how to make their experience both thrilling, and safe and secure.


As active parents themselves, our operators know how to fill the day with equal parts fresh air, food and play, and to make sure these lead to a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.

On a Botswana family safari, we offer the Family tent that sleeps up to five people, the kiddies on stretcher beds and parents on comfy beds. In this case a separate dome tent will be set up, right next to main family tent, for luggage space or a ‘dressing room’. This also will have an en-suite bathroom, offering larger families shared shower/toilet space.

From our Clients

Carmen Diaz Mariscal - August 2022

“We are a family of 2 adults and 3 kids from the USA. We spent 4 days on Safari with Chris and the Chase Africa Safari team in Kwai. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Over the 4 days we saw lions walk right past our car, leopards eating their kill up in a tree and feeding their young, huge herds of elephants crossing the river and bathing in mud with their babies, as well as hundreds of kudu, impala, zebra, and many other animals. Chris is a super nice guy who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure you have the best time possible. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the geography of the area. Others are constantly asking his opinion on things. For every sighting he always positioned our car in the best possible spot for our photos always considering the best view and the best light for the photo. He also has a super relaxed chill demeanor which was awesome bc I’m pretty sure our family can drive anyone crazy at times. No matter how annoying we got, Chris was always encouraging us to enjoy and have fun. We had ample space in his souped-up drive vehicle which has amazing suspension and an awesome built in cooler to keep your drinks cool all day. It was also super comfortable to be able to charge our phones, iPads, computers, cameras and watches in his vehicle safely all day and night. We were in a mobile safari with 2 tents for us. My husband and I in one tent and the 3 kids in the other. The tents were cleaned and beds made every day. The beds are comfortable mattresses and we all slept like babies. My daughter and I were concerned about the toilet situation as we are not avid campers. But it was no issue at all. The bathroom is a separate but private room attached to the tent. They dig a super deep hole and put a toilet on top of it. It never smelled and was actually very clean and private. The shower was nice and warm. You do have to make it a quick shower though. They provide towels, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, etc. They made the best coffee over the fire in the mornings. The food was delicious and every meal was homemade over the fire, even the bread. I can’t say enough great things about our awesome Kwai experience With Chris and the entire Chase Africa Safari team. I strongly recommend them for your Safari. You will have an Amazing time.  ”

Mason Family - September 2019

We stayed with Chris and Angie in August .It was my first time to Botswana and Tyler’s first time to Africa. The experience that Chris, Angie , and their staff created was extraordinary.

The camp was thoughtful and planned to the last detail of decadence for a mobile bush camp. The setting was along the river with chubby hippos and always the magnificent families of 30 plus elephants that graced us with their presence every afternoon through and about the camp. The babies played and the adult and adolescents Eli’s ate and drank. There some extremely intimate and surreal about relaxing in your tent or reading out side with herd of wild elephants merely yards away engaging in their every day social norms. It was an extraordinary experience and good for the soul. The location of their picked camp did not leave one wanting.

Every morning we were awoken with fresh coffee every and a beautiful breakfast spread before the game drive. Upon returning at our leisure, we were greeted with a beautiful organic lunch and a lounge. After the sundown game drive we stopped for sundowners with local biltong and vegetarian options as a snack. To then finish the evening with a 3 course meal either under the stars or a large tent with a fire near by. All meals were made from scratch. Including soups and bread. All of our needs and wants were accounted for from extra water bottles to the specific alcohol we like to drink. Angie and her staff not only made sure every detail was taken care of but also we felt welcomed and included whether it was engaging in fascinating conversation or letting us watch and be apart of the camp and all the effort that goes into running it.

Chris was a wonderful guide and host. His knowledge of the trails and animals were superb. Our drives lasted as long as we the guests determined and Chris never failed to provide an interesting and exceptionally fulfilling drive. Our favorite drives were with Chris and Angie and all of the laughs and adventures that came along with it. One of our experiences was a night drive where we found a pride of lioness and baby cubs in close proximity after sundowners. Only to be topped by driving up to, and then eventually being surrounded by, a pack of hyenas with two kills. It was some that we will never forget. To be so close to these wonderful, funny, and fascinating animals with new and old friends. Watching these animals unfiltered and uninhibited in their element under the stars on such a beautiful night. No other game vehicles around. Just us and the hyenas. It will go down in one of the best experiences of our lives.

The time with Chris and Angie not only proved to be an exceptional experience but days at camps with new friends. We enjoyed their presence and conversation just as much as the actual game drives. The safari was an adventure and an experience in all elements. From exciting game drives, to sundowner laughs, to relaxing and exceptional meals, to late night conversations and stories by the fire. It was a surreal experience and trip. We consider Chris and Angie to be more than just our host but truly wonderful people and new friends. We look forward to meeting and going on safari with them and their staff again.

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